Confirm Your Pregnancy

Do you think you’re pregnant? We understand that right now may feel like a scary or confusing time. You are not alone! Confirming your pregnancy with a pregnancy test is your next best step. At Life Choices FRC, we offer free and confidential pregnancy tests so you can be sure.

Confirming your pregnancy can help you establish prenatal care early, make better food choices, and allow you more time to consider the outcome you desire for this pregnancy.

How Does Pregnancy Testing Work?

When you become pregnant, a hormone called HCG is produced within your body. A pregnancy test works by detecting the amount of HCG hormone in your urine to determine if you are pregnant. The process is simple and painless.

Don’t keep wondering…come in for a free, confidential pregnancy test today. Once your pregnancy is confirmed we can provide an ultrasound, prenatal vitamins, a ‘Verification of Pregnancy’ form, and a doctor’s referral, for additional support.

When Do I Take A Pregnancy Test?

It can be confusing to know what time to take a pregnancy test, as you don’t want to take one too early. We recommend taking a pregnancy test at least one week after your missed period. During this time, your body has the proper time to produce a good amount of the HCG hormone. By waiting a bit, you can get clear and accurate results to take your next step.

At-Home Pregnancy Tests

If you have experienced pregnancy symptoms, you may have already taken an at-home pregnancy test. Most at-home pregnancy tests are very reliable, however, there is still a minor chance it could be false when used incorrectly. Our professional-grade tests at Life Choices FRC are 99% accurate. Confirm your pregnancy after taking an at-home pregnancy test with a professional-grade test today.

If Your Pregnancy Test Is Positive

There is much to know about your pregnancy after receiving positive tests! Though it can seem overwhelming now, you will get through this. We are here for you.

Contact us today to schedule a free pregnancy test appointment and learn more about your options. We are ready to offer non-judgmental support and talk confidentially.

*Our center does not perform or refer for abortions*