Is Adoption Really For Me?

So you’re pregnant, and you know you are not ready to raise a child, but you’re not interested in abortion. Adoption could be the perfect option for you. You will always be a mother, no matter what. Adoption gives your child a great opportunity at life and an adoptive family a chance to raise a child. Wherever you’re at with your decision, here is more information about the types of adoption plans and how to get started. Learn more by contacting our caring team at Life Choices FRC.

How Does Adoption Work?

With adoption these days, you as the birth mom have more of a say in the process! There are multiple plans to choose from, depending on what kind of relationship you want with your child now and down the road.

Open vs. Closed Adoption

Open adoption is very common, where you as the birth mom decide where you place your child. This could be with relatives, friends, or someone else you know. You also get to choose how often you want contact with your child and the adoptive family. Adoption laws are different in each state, so make sure to have an adoption attorney or someone knowledgeable about the law helping you. 

Closed adoption is where an adoption agency places your child with a family and takes care of all legal requirements. No reputable agency or lawyer will require anything financially. With this adoption type, there is no contact between you and the adoptive family. 

Whichever adoption plan you choose, pick the plan that fits best with your life and what feels right.

Where Do I Begin?

Adoption is a major decision, so it’s important to take your time. The option of adoption takes humility but is full of love and hope for the future. Talk with us to learn more about adoption and where to get started.

We provide a free and confidential options consultation to learn about all your options. Schedule one today!

*Our center does not perform or refer for abortions*