Maybe you’ve had an abortion, and it was a traumatic experience. You could have chosen abortion due to feeling inadequate or due to pressure from others around you. Whatever the reason, you have two other pregnancy options: adoption and parenting.

1. What is Adoption Like?

Adoption has changed over the years, allowing birth mothers more options. When creating an adoption plan, you have three choices: open, closed, and semi-open. In addition, the birth parents can choose the adoptive couple and the future they want for their child.

Types of Adoptions

  • Open adoption: Birth mothers decide on this plan because they want to meet the family they’ve selected before their child is born. They desire to build a relationship with the adoptive family. They exchange identifying information like full names, addresses, and phone numbers.

Open adoption is the most common type because it allows for the most flexibility, and you can have a relationship with your child and the adoptive family.

  • Closed adoption: If you want to remain completely anonymous, a closed adoption is for you. Sometimes, your life circumstances are unsuitable for a child, and you want to give them a better chance at life. That’s a courageous choice.
  • Semi-open adoption: A semi-open adoption plan is a mix of open and closed adoption. All communication is done through a third party, keeping everything confidential but allowing you to stay in touch and build a relationship.

If you want to learn more about the many avenues of adoption, we can better inform you. While the decision is yours, we are here to listen to your unique situation. If you have further adoption questions and concerns, we can help you learn more.

2. What About Parenting?

Parenting sometimes seems like the most challenging option, but it’s often the most natural thing to do. Many mothers are surprised at how easily their maternal nature kicks in. You can do this with the help of a community around you, even just one person you trust.

We offer free parenting support services to help you begin your parenting journey. Feel better equipped and supported along the way.

Support is Here

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