I Don’t Want To Be Pregnant. Is Abortion My Only Option?

Maybe you have reservations about abortion and want to explore your other options. No matter what, no one can force you into an abortion if it’s not something you want to do. We know how hard an unplanned pregnancy can be, but there are two other pregnancy options to consider.

We at Life Choices Family Resource Center offer the free resources and support you need when considering your pregnancy options.

Your Other Two Options

You have two options outside of abortion when it comes to your pregnancy: adoption and parenting. They may seem like scary words, but you will be surprised by how much support is available to you.


Adoption has improved over the years for the good, offering birth mothers more of a say in the process. Choose from three types of adoption plans: open, closed, and semi-open. You can select one based on the type of relationship you want with your child and the adoptive family.

You may have lots of questions about this option. Talk with our team to learn more about adoption and the community resources available. We provide a free and confidential options consultation to learn about this option. Schedule a free appointment today.


Maybe you’ve considered parenting your child but have so many concerns that come up. You are not alone. Do you have questions like…

  • Will my partner or parents support me?
  • Where can I find financial support or resources to raise my child?
  • How do I raise an infant?
  • Can I continue school/college?

We can help you navigate these questions and offer resources and support. Ultimately, the decision is up to you.

Free Parenting Resources

If you want to parent, our team at Life Choices offers parenting information and maternity and infant supplies at no cost. Focus on learning all you need to be the best parent you can be.

We also offer a free “Earn While You Learn” parenting program where you can earn points to purchase baby supplies and more!

Talk to us today to learn more about all pregnancy options. You are braver and stronger than you know.

*Our center does not perform or refer for abortions*